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The construction industry is no stranger to innovation, but when it comes to technology, some firms are lagging behind on implementing cutting-edge solutions to problems that are far too common.

While some organizations might fear the costs of upgrading, others are worried that deploying brand new systems could impede productivity, eating up valuable time that could be spent improving different processes.

Global Construction explained that some construction companies have certainly moved onto new and better technologies, but it isn’t rare for these businesses to still rely on legacy software and spreadsheets. These old systems are holding the industry back, primarily due to the lack of real-time communication. In fact, the current reliance on archaic solutions only allows construction firms to collect data every four to six weeks.

Saving the day with mobile

Construction companies might be surprised to learn that by combining the cloud and mobile construction apps, they will be able to communicate in real time with little spending and far less development and integration time. The road to paperless administration is just around the corner for many firms, as mobile app development platforms allow construction businesses to digitize workflows with a mobile app to meet their every construction mobility need.

The good news is that many construction firms already have mobile strategies. According to a report from JBKnowledge, 72 percent of construction workers use a smartphone and around 50 percent use a tablet for work-related reasons. Their employers immediately noticed how useful mobile devices in the field can be, as more than 79 percent of firms reported that mobility is “important” or “very important.”

However, without mobile apps built specifically for workflows and real-time communication, construction firms won’t be able to send reports back to headquarters with a tap on a touch screen, administrators will still need to manually collect information and printing site induction documents will continue to cost a fortune.

An app for any workflow

Consider these mobile construction apps that would make real-time communication possible:

  • Permit app: With this tool, employees can send and receive permits to and from mobile devices, allowing workers to get started on tasks in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Resource allocation app: Coordinating and keeping track of construction resources is time-consuming and inefficient without a mobile app. However, with one, administrators don’t need to come to work sites, fill out paperwork and send documents over fax or through mail. In essence, a resource allocation app is all admins need to track all assets.
  • Site stock management app: This mobile app enables construction companies to manage what is onsite at all times. With complete visibility, resources will never be out of stock and onsite workers can inform back-office staff when they need to order more.
  • Fleet tracking app: Tracking teams and vehicles is near impossible without a dedicated mobile app, but more importantly, these tools can help firms reduce labor and fuel costs by up to 20 percent, Construction Executive reported.
  • Site induction app: According to PP Construction Safety, in the UK, contractors must give every worker instructions and information that allows staff members to complete their jobs without risks to health and safety. What better way to provide project details than with a mobile app on everyone’s smartphone?
  • Safety inspection app: Checking on construction sites and their adherence to safety requirements without sending managers and administrators around town is only possible with safety inspection apps. These tools allow onsite employees to quickly identify problems and inform headquarters if anything is wrong, getting the issue resolved in no time.
Embracing mobility in the construction industry is easy when armed with the right mobile app development platform and provider. Enterprise mobile workflow apps enable real-time connectivity and can greatly improve a construction company’s productivity.

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