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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) released seven updated documents in the AIA Contract Documents® Design-Build family. The 2014 design-Build documents call for clearly defined and mandated owners criteria and require the design-builder to submit a preliminary design.

“These updated design-build documents strengthen the relationship between the owner and design-builder by fostering greater collaboration and increased communication between the parties,” said Deborah DeBernard, vice president and general manager of AIA Contract Documents.

The array of agreements continues to accommodate the various ways in which design-build projects are delivered. The key document is the agreement between the owner and the design-builder. In addition there are agreements for use between the:

  • design-builder and architect;
  • design-builder and contractor;
  • architect and consultants; and
  • contractor and subcontractors.
If the owner wants independent consulting services with respect to the project design and/or construction, there is also an agreement for use between the owner and that independent consultant. To help understand these design-build project variations, and the related contracts, the AIA Contract Documents team created free Design-Build Relationship Diagrams.

Other changes include updated insurance provisions that are consistent with current industry terminology and practices, and a Sustainable Project exhibit that can be used if the owner has identified a sustainable objective as part of its criteria. The Sustainable Project exhibit is derived from the most recent AIA Sustainable Project Documents and describes the process by which the owner and design-builder will work to achieve the sustainable objective.

The seven updated design-build documents are:

  • A141™–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Design-Builder
  • A142™–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Design-Builder and Contractor
  • A441™–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor for a Design-Build Project
  • B143™–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Design-Builder and Architect
  • C141™–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Consultant for a Design-Build Project
  • C441™–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant for a Design-Build Project
  • G744™–2014, Certificate of Substantial Completion for a Design-Build Project
The updated design-build documents are available in the latest version of the AIA Contract Documents desktop software, and online through AIA Documents-on-Demand®, and AIA Documents-on-Demand® Plus.

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